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Portrait of a Dying Luna Moth

It's been over a year since I decided to leave the social media universe. Following, liking, posting, and commenting became an unhealthy need and chore. It did not make me any happier. In fact, it made me feel the exact opposite. It made me depressed and sad. Humanity has become a huge conglomerate mess of egotistical, self-centered, look-at-me and please-subscribe-to-my-channel beings. And yet, here I am posting. Isn't this hypocritical of me? Yes, it is.

But, this isn't about me. It's about this beautiful creature I found on the ground in my backyard a few days ago. It caught my eye because it was brighter than its surroundings (dirt, grass, and dying leaves). I thought perhaps it was just resting but upon examination, it was obviously dying.

It moved ever so slightly when I touched it and as I lifted it gently, I saw that the ants had begun to devour it. I have no idea if it was in pain but I can only assume it was. I brushed off the ants and held it in my palm. I thought, how fortunate I am to have found this beautiful creature and to be able to hold it. Imagine being this small - 3 to 4 inch wingspan, having the ability to fly, and being so pleasing to the eye - to the human eye obviously. For the Luna Moth, it's about camouflage and survival. Did you know that the Luna Moth in its adult form lives for only a week and during that week, they are unable to eat and are starving to death? Their sole purpose in this beautiful form is to procreate. That's it! They find a mate and reproduce. Hopefully, this dying Luna Moth fulfilled its destiny.

There is beauty in simplicity. Is there happiness in simplicity? Only the dying Luna Moth knows. This is my way of saying thank you to this Luna Moth for allowing me to be a witness to its death and its beauty.


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